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Socires connects people who work towards a better society. In a good society people and communities develop and flourish through cooperation. Associations of people and communities form the foundation of a society where everyone, in their own capacity, can contribute to the common good. Socires collaborates with organizations, enterprises, and governments that work towards that aim.

People share values: compassion, justice, and reconciliation. People want to have a just economic order. People like to participate in activities that enrich their own life and the life of their fellows. People pick up the call to action in their own street, their city, their country, and in places far away from their home.

Socires wants to build up and support the commitment of citizens through reflection, discussion, publications, and training. Socires offers expertise, knowledge, contacts, and a unique approach to inspire persons and organizations along their path to human flourishing and a better society. We help to set the stage where people learn together through acting together.

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14 april 2018

Schaepmandag 2018, Tubbergen


1 June 2018

foodFIRST conference "Team Up with African agripreneurs"


Socires verbindt mensen die aan een betere maatschappij werken. Socires werkt samen met andere organisaties, bedrijven en overheden, die zich daarvoor inzetten.

Socires connects people who work towards a better society. Socires collaborates with other organizations, enterprises, and governments, that work towards that aim.

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