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Socires believes that a good society in which people can flourish is based on the following principles:

  • Human dignity — every person counts;
  • Common good – nobody lives for themselves;
  • Solidarity – caring for one another that springs from the power of connectedness;
  • Shared responsibility – co-building in one’s own power.

As an independent think tank Socires is committed to such a good society. We offer knowledge and inspiration, we connect organisations, businesses, government bodies, and scholars from home and abroad, and we press at system changes. With that aim we organize and facilitate stages for study, dialogue, and cooperation.


Drs.Peter Broeders, Director

Drs. Cor van Beuningen, Advisor

Mr. Jos van Gennip, Advisor

Kees Buitendijk, Projectcoordinator Finance and the Common Good

Wilma Bakker, Secretary

Board of Supervisors

Drs. P.L.B.A. (Pieter) van Geel (chairman), Independent Advisor

Mr. F.A.M. (Frank) van den Heuvel (vvz), Senior Advisor Public Affairs FMO

Mr. M.H.J. (Maurice) Limmen, Chairman CNV

Dr. J.G.M. (Hanneke) Reuling, Member Executive Board Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Academic Council

Prof.dr. P.J.J. (Paul) van Geest (chairman), Professor Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

Prof.dr. G.J. (Govert) Buijs (vice-chairman), Professor of Political Philosophy & Religion, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mr.drs. J. (Janny) Bakker-Klein, Deputy Mayor and Alderman, Huizen

Drs. M.J. (Rien) Fraanje, Secretary-Director Council for Public Administration (ROB)

Dr. C.P. (Kees) Boele, Chair Executive Board HAN University of Applied Sciences

Dr. F.G. Bosman (Frank) Bosman, Researcher Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

Dr. J.M. (Annemarie) Hinten-Nooijen, Manager Honours Academy Radboud Universiteit

Drs. P.H.J. (Pieter Jan) Dijkman, Director Wetenschappelijk Instituut voor het CDA

Societal Council

A.J.M. (Ton) Heerts (chairmanz), Chair MBO Raad

Drs. C.J.G.M. (Kees Jan) de Vet (vice-chairman), Chair Water Authority Brabantse Delta

Mgr. dr. G.J.N. (Gerard) de Korte, Bisshop of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Ds. K. (Karin) van den Broeke,

Drs. M.G.B. (Manon) Vanderkaa, Director KBO-PCOB

J.A.M. (Hans) Huijbers, Chair ZLTO

E. (Eugène) Bernard, Chair Executive Board OMO